Let’s Visit the Statue of Liberty!

Today we “visited” the Statue of Liberty with virtual reality using some virtual reality viewers! It was very fun and almost felt like we really were there with our tour guide, Mrs. Yollis. But you couldn’t see your OWN FEET!

Photo by Mrs. Yollis

How it worked is you had some goggles and a partner, and you were either on the chairs or on the rug. You couldn’t sit on an ottoman or a high chair where you could fall off.

Photo by Mrs. Yollis

When we got off the “bus” to get on the ferry.  We saw Liberty island in the distance and soon,  we were there.  The rangers said that the Statute of Liberty was made of copper, gifted by France and Gustave Eiffel the man who made the Eiffel tower also made the statue of liberty.

Photo by Mrs. Yollis

Look up here there are seven points on her crown that stand for the seven continents and seas.

Photo by Sarah gold

The Statute of Liberty herself is 46 meters tall, but with her vast pedestal, she is 93 meters tall.

Sadly we had to go “back” to school after the fun “trip”.


Have you ever experienced virtual reality, If so, where did you go?

Have you ACTUALLY gone to the Statute of Liberty?



12 thoughts on “Let’s Visit the Statue of Liberty!

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Did you know that many years ago people could walk up into her arm.
    When I was young, we could take the spiral staircase up to her crown.
    Miss Liberty has so many visitors, they can only take the elevator
    and go to the top of the base.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Gail Z.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    What a fantastic experience for you!

    I have been lucky enough to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island twice. I found it so interesting. As you walk around the island, you can listen to a description on headphones. I wonder if this is still the case. It has been nearly 7 years since I was there!

    Here is a picture of when I visited the Statue of Liberty.

    Here is a picture of when your wonderful teacher visited the Statue of Liberty a few months later

    Have you ever visited the Statue of Liberty?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

    • @ Mrs. Morris,

      I have visited the statue of liberty, well sort of. When my family and I went on a ferry boat tour around the New York harbor on the New York harbor tour. I hope to return one day and go inside.

      I hope to travel to Australia one day. If I were to go on a virtual tour of a site in Australia, where do you recommend?


      • Hi Sarah,

        Thanks for your great reply!

        How lucky to go on a ferry tour around New York harbor! I bet you’ll get to return one day and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much.

        I really hope you’ll get to visit Australia as well. It’s a long flight but it will be worth it!

        I think you’d love to check out the Great Barrier Reef. It is in northern Queensland. I’ll be going there for a holiday later in the year. I wonder if you’d find any parts of the reef on a virtual tour. It’s really beautiful!

        The Great Barrier Reef is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and can even be seen from outer space. Wow!

        Keep blogging!
        Mrs Morris

        • Dear Mrs. Morris,

          Thank you for the information!

          I will ask Mrs. Yollis if we can do the virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Please post photos when you go so we can see them.

          I am going to the Grand Canyon in Arizona later in the year. The Grand Canyon is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I will post photos after I go.

          Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

          Sarah Gold

          • Hi Sarah,

            Great to hear from you again.

            I’ll definitely send Mrs. Yollis some pictures of the Great Barrier Reef when I go there later in the year!

            Wow, you’re lucky to have a trip to the Grand Canyon planned. I have never been there but I’d love to go. Mrs. Yollis told me it’s quite beautiful.

            My husband visited the Grand Canyon once. He was there with a friend. He told me they arrived late in the day and the guides advised them not to try the walk to the base of the Canyon all in one day. They didn’t listen to the guide. Oh dear! So they had to walk very quickly to make it down and back. I’m sure your family will be much more organised! 🙂

            Maybe you could write a blog post about your trip when you get back. I’d love to see it.

            Best wishes,
            Mrs. Morris

  3. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your virtual visit! I have never taken a virtual trip. I would love a tutorial.

    I went to visit the Statue of Liberty when I was around your age. I went all the way to the arm. I have also gone on a ferry that circled the island.

    Do you know when the statue was gifted to the United States?


    • Actually I checked and I only made it to the crown. The arm was closed when I was a kid. My memory from 30 years ago is not perfect.


  4. Hello Sarah,
    I wanted to tell you that my recollection of visiting the Statue of Liberty was incorrect.
    The arm was closed in 1916. Visitors can still take the elevator to the base and walk up to the crown. The criteria is a tourist needs to buy their tickets in advance.

    All the best, Gail

  5. Dear Sarah, You virtual tour really opened my eyes! How wonderful to make this “visit” in your classroom. I hope you make more such “visits” in the future. How about the Great Wall of China? Thanks for sharing your experience. It is a vivid and interesting description. I could share your excitement!

    Liliana from Hong Kong, China

    • @ Liliana,

      Thank you for posting on my blog! My Grammy said that you are one of her friends that she met a cruise.

      My mom and I are planning to go on a trip to Hong Kong but I’ve never been to Hong Kong. Where should I go there?

      I have been to Asia but only in Russia and Turkey. Have you been to one or both of those places?


  6. Dear Sarah,

    I went on a harbor boat tour to that traveled by the Statue of Liberty. I enjoy reading you blog posts. You have become an amazing writer.

    For your next virtual tour where do you want to go?


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